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What am I you ask; Not a cupcake, Not a donut, Better ! ! !


We know what you’re thinking, what in the world is an Ensaymada and why is it a project? 

Well… “Our Project” is to share & spread this wonderful pastry and its 1000’s of years of history with the world.  

You can read more about the ensaymada's history under "The Trail" but in short our ensaymadas are buttery and soft, much like a glazed donut but baked, not fried.  Once out of the oven we top them with a variety of frostings or toppings all made from the highest quality ingredients. 

Our original cheese ensaymada is rolled, baked and iced with sweet butter cream and topped with parmesan cheese giving it that wonderful sweet and salty combination so popular in the world today.

In the process of rolling and snailing our dough we brush and fill the inside with a variety of ingredients. Our original gets an extra dab of butter.  Our Cinnamada gets brown sugar & cinnamon and our Red Velvet gets brushed with red velvet cake batter.   

If this is not enough to entice you then we should share some comments that we heard at the recent Las Vegas Foodie Fest, where our E’s were debuted to the Las Vegas public.

It kinda looks like a cupcake.

It melts in your mouth. 

Its better than a cronut

“WOW”, It’s Sprinkles Cupcakes meets Krispy Kreme donuts.

Now if you still are not sure what it is, stop wasting your time reading about it and order a box to taste for yourself, after all “Good Food Is A Must”.


For more information you can reach us at our mailing address of:

Ensaymada Project LLC

2549B Eastbluff Drive #322

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Or you can reach Bill directly at 310-498-1061


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