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Click on the menu tab for Chari's Picks for an assortment of her ensaymadas!

Depending on stock availability, you may choose from the list of available flavors. Just leave a note in the comment box before checking out. 

Though Chari cannot guarantee it, she will definitely try her best to fulfill your request!




Great Gift!
Posted 10th Aug 2020 by Angeline Protacio

I have ordered ensaymadas twice to be delivered to friends for special occasions, and they're a hit each time! My next order will hopefully be for myself :)

Loved them!
Posted 7th Jul 2020 by Elaine

Loved the variety of flavors and all around packaging! What a great way to honor filipino tradition with a modern twist!

Posted 6th Jul 2020 by "Tukayo"

A bit pricey, but understandable, considering the care in the packaging - ordered on a Monday and received the next day . . . I think it's best warmed up a little - esp with the cheese slightly melted . . very soft, and light . . .truly enjoyed it so I ordered for a friend as well . . .

Always Perfect
Posted 30th Jun 2020 by Angelina Kays

I first tried these back in January at Smorgasburg in LA. Since lockdown I've probably ordered 5 times haha. They're always fresh, and the new insulation pack keeps them cool during the now summer time heat. Definitely worth it.

Posted 29th Jun 2020 by Kat

I’ve been following Ensaymada Project for awhile now. Finally ordered some and got them sent to me in San Diego, as well as sent some to my parents in Oxnard and friend in San Diego and we all loved the Ensaymada. My favorite is the queso de bola . The bread was soft, it was fresh, and packaged nicely. The one for my friend I requested a small note and they were able to add it in, small things like that let me know they go the extra mile and provide value to their customers. I will continue to order and recommend Ensamada Project!

Posted 28th Jun 2020 by Jessica Leung

Irresistibly delicious - thank goodness for the 1/2 dozen package! We had been gifted a dozen a couple of months ago and wanted to enjoy them again - so this size was perfect for us!

Chari’s Picks
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Scott Tweed

We love her ensaymadas !!!! My favorite is the classic cheese. We live on the east coast and they are always fresh as if we went there ourselves to buy them. Delicious!!!!

Super Sarap
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Kay

Never really knew there was a designer Ensaymada. You should bring it here in Orange County !!!!

Posted 18th Jun 2020 by Maryanne

Ordered the Chari’s Picks Half Dozen and let them choose the flavors (great selection!). Delivered all the way to New Jersey! Came in a almost frozen state inside a keep fresh packaging. I immediately put it in the freezer to preserve its freshness. When I want one, I just take one out, unwrap, and microwave it for 20 seconds. I am in heaven!! My favorite is the Cinnamonada!

Ensaymada abd delivery
Posted 14th Jun 2020 by Regina

I am disappointed with the delivery and freshness of my order. I had paid 20.00 for a small size ensaymada that was soft only on the top but rest of bread hard. I ordered on a Friday morning, paid $7.64 for shipping that arrived late evening on Tuesday. Total $30.14 for 6 small ensaymada that wasnt fresh and arrived late. So disappointed for what I spent and paid for, the topping was all melted, but flavor was good!

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