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Click on the menu tab for Chari's Picks for an assortment of her ensaymadas!

Depending on stock availability, you may choose from the list of available flavors. Just leave a note in the comment box before checking out. 

Though Chari cannot guarantee it, she will definitely try her best to fulfill your request!




Made it to Hawaii soft & delish!
Posted 26th May 2020 by Therese

I ordered a 6-pack in a variety of flavors, and was not disappointed. The package came quickly after my order, and they arrived at my Honolulu home nicely packaged and still soft! Tasted as fresh and delicious as if I picked it up in LA.

Posted 25th May 2020 by Phillip Lakilak

Great service! Taste so great! I recommend to my friends and family!

Best Ever!!
Posted 25th May 2020 by Alyssa Barragan

Had these beautiful amazing ensaymadas at the smorsaborg for the first time and have been addicted ever since! I’ve literally sent these as gifts to all my friends and family And Nursing colleagues and finally sent some to myself because I missed them so much. These are the most delicious thing my mouth has ever experienced!! THANK YOU for giving us such a beautiful gift Chari!!

Posted 18th May 2020 by Moria Basquiat

These were so good and so fresh! I’m sad I only ordered 6! I will absolutely be reordering.

Great service
Posted 24th Apr 2020 by Michelle

Sent several packages to friends and family during this safer-at-home time. Chari accommodated my request and put short personal notes on each box to relay my message. I'm truly grateful. It made the care package even more personal and touching. Each recipient was very happy and excited!

Posted 22nd Apr 2020 by Kat Uyenco

These Ensaymadas are so delicious and addicting, you can’t eat just one. I order for myself and send as gifts! Everyone loves them! My favorites are the ube, classic and queso de bola!

A Perfect Gift!
Posted 16th Apr 2020 by Amy

I first discovered Ensaymada Project at the 626 Night Market. I figured these would make a great gift for my friends so we could reminisce about our time at the market event. Ordered three sets for my friends, and they shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. Delicious, good mix of flavors. A perfect gift for friends, loved ones, or even yourself!

Posted 14th Apr 2020 by Ailleen

I came across the Ensaymada Project at Smorgasbord LA and have been craving it ever since then. Being under social distancing, they have made it possible to send it so you can enjoy it at home. I received mine without any issues and have since ordered them as presents to all my loved ones in the US. The bread always stays soft and pairs SO well with the toppings. I absolutely love this place!

A delicious take on a classic!
Posted 2nd Jan 2020 by Tracy

I ordered a variety pack and got the classic, red velvet, and mocha Nutella. All three were delicious! I love this twist on the classic ensaymada. They also lasted several days after I received them, which I was very impressed with.

Perfect Holiday Gift
Posted 30th Dec 2019 by Melanie

Ordered about 9 of these boxes to be mailed to co-workers around the country. Was able to send to multiple addresses and add a universal greeting. It was an absolute hit. Here's one response, "Thank you soooo much for the ensaymada! I've never tried it before and I can't wait. The kids think I'm going to share, but little do they know." And then 12 minutes later from the same friend, "Ummm, so I think I'm in love". I just need Mrs. Chari to open a store here in Atlanta.

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