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Gone in less than 48 hrs
Posted 15th Apr 2019 by RIZZA

Everything was superb! From the ordering process, shipment and delivery. I was skeptical at first having it shipped but I’ve been wanting to try this for a looooong time so I went for it. It was well packed, came in a pretty box and had instructions. It was hard to stop with one since there were so many flavors that I wanted to try. The bread part was on another level. Like biting into a cloud. ❤️ I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best ensaymada I’ve had in my life. I’m probably gonna order 2 boxes so it’ll at least last a week in my household. Ha! Frequent buyer rewards??? Wink, wink!

Heaven in a Pastry
Posted 27th Feb 2019 by Marissa

These get inhaled at my house; they're so magnificent! I recently had to send them as a Thank You gift to friends who've never had them and I'm 100% sure they will adore them as well. Now, if only they weren't so bad for my thighs! Who can resist these??? Also have to mention the stellar Customer Service!

"muy sabroso"
Posted 25th Feb 2019 by Rizzo Regala Sadsad

They were all perfectly baked! What's next? Muy sabroso! These were the words that came out in my taste buds.... so delicious!, amazing!, yummy!, tastes great!, and heavenly! My compliments to you! Congratulations to the entire staff of Project Ensemada! Cheers!

Happy box
Posted 24th Feb 2019 by Roselle

It’s like opening a very good box of yummy chocolates.. It makes me crave for more. Thanks baking those melt in your mouth ensaymadas. ❤️

Chari's Picks - scrumptious!
Posted 19th Feb 2019 by Cherry

On my review, did I put "Never fails to disappoint"? If I did, it was an error. Should be "Never fails to impress." Please correct. Thanks!

Chari's Picks - scrumptious!
Posted 19th Feb 2019 by Cherry

It's like getting that box of chocolates, only better! I ordered as a Valentine's gift for myself and my family, and what a special gift it was! Chari's E's have never failed to disappoint. I got a dozen in assorted flavors, and each one was scrumptious! The discount code was a welcome bonus, and I am thankful for it. More power to you and your team, Chari! Keep the E's coming!

Posted 13th Feb 2019 by Felicie

Very rich and delicious

Posted 13th Feb 2019 by Arlene

I will definitely order these again for my next event. Every flavor was true to its name and so beautifully done I almost didnt want to eat them! Thanks so much!

Best Ensaymada
Posted 9th Jan 2019 by xander

Frequent buyer of this Ensaymada. My friend told me about this, and I keep buying ever since.

Delicious & just thecright blend of flavors
Posted 29th Dec 2018 by Zoe Nelle, Dallas TX

Ordered 2 boxes of Holiday Picks for Carol, my sister-in-law. It arrived just in time for the Christmas Eve dinner and was a hit with our international friends who came. It was fresh, soft, and tasty after heating it up for 15 seconds. My favorite is the classic. I was amazed that the other flavors did not disappoint. After receiving a couple of boxes of Ensaymada Project from my sister years ago, I also ordered for my self and relatives when I’m in the area. Thank you again Chari for continuing a traditional delicacy enjoyed by Filipinos. I can only wish we had one store in Dallas, Texas!

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Chari's Picks (priced per dozen)
Chari's Picks (priced per dozen)
Chari's Picks (priced per dozen)
Chari's Picks (priced per dozen)