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The classic cheese ensaymada dates back to an era of three centuries of Spanish influence. With recipes handed down and altered through generations, the Filipino ensaymada has evolved into a buttery brioche-like bun, topped with butter, sugar and grated aged cheese.    The sweet-savory pairing in this Filipino classic is nothing less than amazing.


Classic cheese and queso de bola
Posted 25th Jul 2020 by Nicole

Super yummy Ensaymada! Best version that I’ve tried here in the U.S. light, fluffy and the perfect balance of salty and sweet. I keep coming back to order more!

Cheese/ube ensaymada
Posted 13th Jul 2020 by Tricia

The best ensaymada!!!

So good!
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Michael

Excellent and delicious. Arrived promptly.

Queso Debola Ensaymada
Posted 10th Jun 2020 by Carol

The best Ensaymada I ever had ... The brioche bread and cheese is so delicious and very soft.. I love all their flavors.. Ive been ordering with them for a quite a while and the delivery is very fast.. So love Chari's Ensaymada Project!!!

Love It!
Posted 5th Jun 2020 by Sheryll ❤

Best ensaymada ever!

Posted 3rd Jun 2020 by Annalisa

Honestly makes for the best gifts for birthdays and holidays! So delicious... a dozen doesn't last long ;)

Classic cheese ensaymada
Posted 31st May 2020 by Rosario De Mesa

The best and yummy ensaymada ive ever had!!! Highly recommended. My favorite!!!

Soooo GOOD :)
Posted 20th Aug 2019 by JM

I was craving for ensaymada one day, so I googled it , and EP came up. With the rave reviews I decided to give it a try. Hands down, EP satisfied my craving for a soft, doughy ensaymada. The buttercream is perfect with it. They're soooo GOOD!

Can't have just one
Posted 20th Feb 2019 by Ruth Bunda

Ordered from Washington state and it arrived fresh, one of the best I've had.

Best on the Planet
Posted 15th Feb 2019 by Maria Vicente

These are truly the best ensaymadas on the planet! Love the fact that they are so soft on the inside, yummy on the outside. If you want a bite of heaven, you need to try these. I love the classic & queso de bola, and EVERYONE I know knows to grab one or two of these when I have them, haha! Thanks for the coupon!

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