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Ube – a tropical purple yam – has a unique flavor that goes hand in hand with its distinct purple color.   Ube is very popular in the Philippines and is used in pastries, cakes, and ice cream.   The Ube ensaymada boasts of a rich ube cream topping that melts into the heated brioche.  Get ready to join the family of ube lovers!


The Literal Best
Posted 29th Nov 2019 by AndrewMRiv

I can’t live without these! It’s my favorite flavor and dessert. I ate 8 of them in less than a week LOL. can’t wait to buy more!

Posted 12th Feb 2019 by Duc Tran

This is always our favorite flavor. Fast shipping too. If Chari was in the east coast, we'd be eating this every day.

Posted 5th Sep 2018 by Aida Resurreccion

Can't live without it. My guilty pleasure

Most fave
Posted 14th May 2018 by Annette Joson

It’s my family’s most favorite flavor!

Posted 1st Jun 2017 by MAI

My aunt loves her ube ensaymada birthday gift. I'm a repeat customer, and I will be back!

Posted 16th Jan 2017 by MAI

The Ensaymada Project is a "great find." I now have a source of unique food gifts. I received a package of the assorted varieties in Dec 2016. The ensaymadas were a big hit and instant fave at home. They were a special treat considering that we don't have shops selling these in our local community. So I didn't think twice when I needed to give gifts to my sister and family friend. I specifically ordered their all-UBE dozen package knowing that this flavor is craved for by many Filipinos. They were warmly received and thoroughly enjoyed! I highly recommend the decadent ensaymadas to anyone. I'm also impressed by their customer service...very accommodating, patient, and efficient.

Posted 14th Jan 2017 by Julie Getzoff-Kaiser

I just sent 2 dozen to each of my siblings in the Bay Area over the holidays and it was a hit! I think I just started a new holiday tradition :)

ube ensaymada at its best
Posted 3rd Jan 2017 by Mayet

You can taste the distinct ube flavor and yet it does not overpower the ensaymada.

Posted 26th Dec 2016 by Marissa Rivera

Can easily be one's favorite. I love alternating this with the classic ensaymada,

Posted 20th Oct 2016 by Christina

The ube ensaymada is simply perfection. I bought 2 dozen and I'm slowly eating it for the next month. A perfect start to the morning or end of the day treat. I've been eating it for the past 2 weeks and I still crave it. The ensaymada is so fluffy and light and the frosting just melts in your mouth. I love microwaving it for 30 seconds from the freezer. The bread portion is nice and toasty while the center of the frosting is still a bit cool. It's the perfect combination of textures and flavors. Definitely will be replenishing my stock when I run out.

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