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Classic Cheese Ensaymada (priced per dozen)



The classic cheese ensaymada dates back to an era of three centuries of Spanish influence. With recipes handed down and altered through generations, the Filipino ensaymada has evolved into a buttery brioche-like bun, topped with butter, sugar and grated aged cheese.    The sweet-savory pairing in this Filipino classic is nothing less than amazing.




Delicious ensaymada
Posted 26th Dec 2016 by undefined

We all loved it.

Absolutely Delicious. High Quality. Great Service
Posted 26th Dec 2016 by Marissa Rivera

In my opinion, these are the best traditional ensaymadas in the US. So lucky to be in SoCal, driving distance to the main bakery is within an hour and online orders are received within 2 days. These ensaymadas are great to be given as gifts.

Best Ensaymadas, Needs Better Shipping Packaging
Posted 9th May 2016 by Elizabeth Ann Quirino

These are so delicious! Ensaymada Project offers the best ensaymadas in the USA. But the shipping packaging needs to be improved. Better care should be given to shipping these cheese-laden brioche buns. Perhaps ship these in styrofoam cooled packs with dry ice? This is how cheese, butter, dairy and processed food brands ship their temperature-sensitive foods all over the USA. The absence of a well-controlled cold temperature packaging in these ensaymadas may pose a health hazard to the recipients. Otherwise, if these were better packaged as suggested, it would make great gifts to family and friends all over the USA and Canada all year round. Thanks for this great baked product, Chari and friends at Ensaymada Project.

So amazingly good!!!!
Posted 4th Apr 2016 by undefined

Couldn't wait to dig in to these, they arrived in a beautiful package. They taste amazing- food of the gods! (ate two in under five minutes - half the box was gone by the end of the day), haven't been able to find true ensaymada prior to ordering these. So glad I found the ensaymada project, you've found yourself a super fan! Can wait to try more of you products.

Posted 16th Feb 2016 by undefined

My husband loved it! And this is our favorite.

Delicious Ensaymadas!
Posted 7th Dec 2015 by undefined

Love the classic ensaymadas! I've also ordered these for my relatives who really appreciated these delicious ensaymadas. I like sending them as gifts as they arrive fresh and are packaged so beautifully!

Posted 27th Jun 2015 by Cay Araneta

I love having this at home for breakfast or for merienda (mid-afternoon snack). It is super good! This is also my go-to thank you gift for parents. I just gave this to a Filipino mom who was born in Canada and lives in the Bay Area. She loved it, hadn't had one since she was 7 years old and was so happy to share the taste with her fam.

Scrumptious Ensaymada
Posted 28th May 2015 by Florian Cenzon

At first, I was hesitant to order online but chatting with Chari on how the S&H worked I was convinced to order online. I ordered the ES on Wednesday and got the well packaged fresh delicious baked goods on Friday. I highly recommend her Ensaymada and I can't wait to try her other specialties. ❤️

Awesome thank-you gift
Posted 11th May 2015 by Erika

I have tried the ensaymadas themselves and they are great! However, kudos to Chari & Co. for having these treats available for delivery. I've given these as thank-you gifts to several people already and its such a wonderful representation of Filipino food culture and they all thought its great. Finally, I can give something that is delicious and undeniably Filipino. Thank you!

Tried and True - for the Purists
Posted 17th Jan 2015 by Maria A Vicente

Ensaymada making is very arduous and I am glad I can order this and not have to put anywhere near the amount of work it takes to make these. I am a purist - I like traditional stuff and but want good quality food. One bite into this and you will know why. The smooth and soft bread matches very well with the butter, sugar and cheese. While there are other ensaymadas that can be purchased elsewhere, this is the ONLY one that is truly very soft and silky and takes just the way the ensaymada is supposed to - no too sugary, too buttery or too cheesy sections anywhere. Perfect as a snack, for breakfast or for meetings.

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Weight 4.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 15.00
Depth 4.00
Classic Cheese Ensaymada   (priced per dozen)
Classic Cheese Ensaymada   (priced per dozen)
Classic Cheese Ensaymada   (priced per dozen)
Classic Cheese Ensaymada   (priced per dozen)