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Half 'n' Half: 6 Classic Cheese and 6 Queso de Bola


You can never really have a cheese overload!  Savor our moist queso de bola ensayamada AND classic cheese ensaymada with a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  Merienda is indeed a sacred time, anytime!  

Yummy Ensaymada’s
Posted 30th Jun 2020 by Larra

Love the queso de bola Ensaymada’s! ! would definitely order again

Amazingly Delicious
Posted 29th Jun 2020 by Michelle G.

We ordered the half and half (Classic Cheese & Queso de Bola) and these are amazing! They are soft, buttery, and cheesy goodness. Side note: the Ensaymadas came beautifully packaged too. My husband and d I will be ordering again.

Queso De Bola and Classic Ensaymada
Posted 28th Jun 2020 by Rhoda

These are my favorite ensaymada flavor....it’s so yummy and so cheesy...

Always fresh tasting
Posted 28th Jun 2020 by Gina Almeter

Even if I live in Phoenix's scorching temperatures, the ensaymadas still arrive fresh always. Of course I am at my door waiting excitedly for their arrival so that I can immediately bring them in. The delicate texture and quality ingredients make Chari's treats so delectable and addicting! We count ourselves lucky to have these ensaymadas just an online click away!

Delicious / Professional / One of a kind
Posted 2nd Feb 2020 by Eva Joo

I bought a dozen queso de bola and cheese as a gift to my cousin in Ohio. These ensaymadas are the best and authentic ensaymadas you will ever have. This is a must try product. It is worth every penny of it. Chari was so professional. They delivered assorted ensaymadas instead of what I ordered and Chari without hesitation delivered another box with what I initially ordered. I will be Ensaymada Project's forever customer in the bay area!

Posted 1st Dec 2019 by Maria Gonzales

Perfectly moist, soft, buttery, cheesy ensaymadas! Been a loyal EP customer for some time now. Order them for my family and as gifts for birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Love love my Es!

ensymada quezo de bola
Posted 16th May 2019 by jocelyn rosales

savory, tasty, what butter do you use?

Delicious Ensaymadas
Posted 6th May 2019 by Rose AB

I have ordered several times since Ensaymada Project was referred by a friend. The ensaymadas were delicious and plan to order more to give to friends. Am very happy now that I have a source here in California since I normally ask relatives to bring them back from Manila as pasalubong.

Posted 22nd Apr 2019 by Jazmine

It's really good enseymada.....

mixed bax
Posted 11th Apr 2019 by Maija Holston

I ordered the mix box 1/2 classic and 1/2 Queso de Bolla. I ended up with four classic and the rest cheese. No matter the flavor these are the best I've had outside of Manila.

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Half 'n' Half: 6 Classic Cheese and 6 Queso de Bola
Half 'n' Half: 6 Classic Cheese and 6 Queso de Bola