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Perfect gift!
Posted 22nd Oct 2020 by harpd

I gifted this to someone and I am so impressed with the process from beginning to end. The customer service is amazing! The presentation exceeded all my expectations. I only wish I could have tasted them but she let me know that they were so good!

Always on point
Posted 30th Sep 2020 by Andrea

I'm such a huge fan of Chari's emsaymadas. I really feel like she sets the bar with all her unique flavors. I have sent a box to a few of my friends and family and they love it as much as I do.

Amazing gift
Posted 23rd Sep 2020 by Lillian

Had these sent to me as a gift and sent them to someone else. Such a crowd pleaser!

Chari Dozen Picks
Posted 17th Sep 2020 by Kaye

Delicious as always and i love her picks! Best ensaymada ever!

I <3 Ensaymadas
Posted 5th Sep 2020 by Lauren Alise

My first time trying these (and ever hearing about these) was at a Night Market event. I tried the mocha nutella and was HOOKED! I’ve ordered these several times since and have shared them with my family and everyone loves them. They are my favorite treat! Mocha nutella and salted caramel are my favorites. I always get them super quick after ordering. Great customer service as well! Highly recommend

Perfect Gift
Posted 30th Aug 2020 by HONEY CANIN

Always a perfect gift,

Bestest Ensaymadas in California
Posted 25th Aug 2020 by Becca

Just soooo good - as how I remember an Ensaymada should. I would not mind having one a day if only you are not that far away.. I warn you not once you try it you will be wanting more. Great gift treats for people who have everything— they will love them as much as they love you!

Select your dozen
Posted 21st Aug 2020 by Mark

These are the best ever! They are a must buy. Red Velvet and classic are my favorite.

Absolutely mouth-watering!
Posted 15th Aug 2020 by Christine

My sister-in-law sent us a dozen of Chari's delicious ensaymadas to help celebrate her birthday. We all fell in love with the cheese, ube and mango flavors. I decided to send my bestie in PA a dozen for her birthday. and was so happy she received them in time. Needless to say, she loved it! I exchanged a few texts with Chari and she was the sweetest and accommodating person I've ever met-texted with. Two thumbs up for Ensaymada Project!!!

Chari's Dozen
Posted 13th Aug 2020 by Lawrence

Amazing product! Shipping was delayed, (obviously not her fault as other reviews have dinged her for and she doesn't have control over that plus it's COVID time people. Of course things are going to get delayed, if you want to make sure prices for small businesses stay low, make sure the USPS survives or else private companies will take advantage and our delivery rates will double). The wait was so worth it LOVED every bite and all the different flavors. Highly recommend and will buy again to try even more flavors!

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