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Holiday Picks (priced per dozen)


Click on the menu tab for an assortment of Chari's ensaymada Holiday Picks flavors! Depending upon stock availability, you may choose from the list of available flavors. Just leave a note in the comment box before checking out. Though Chari cannot guarantee it, she will definitely try her best to fulfill your request!


Posted 4th Dec 2018 by LORRAINE SUPNET

Always enjoyed these yummy pastries, that I just had to get some for special friends and family

Best Ensaymadas, Excellent Service!
Posted 9th Aug 2018 by Ann B.

Warning, these ensaymadas are very addictive. That's how tasty they are. My hubby is a picky eater and it was his first time to have tried ensaymadas, but boy, he could eat the whole box in one sitting if he didn't restrain himself. Although it may not be a guarantee that you'll get all the flavors you've requested, trust me, it's still worth it. They are so delicious, you won't regret.

Great presentation and yummy!
Posted 19th Jun 2018 by Lyn

Send it to our family friend in Chicago and they were amuse on the packaging presentation they told me its so elegant...great job! And when they taste it.....Delicioso! Great job Ms. Chari and crew...

delicious even when delivered!
Posted 19th Mar 2018 by Simon

I saw a friend's post on IG and decided to order. Never tried ensaymadas but hey why not? they looked so dang good! They were delivered in no time and I microwaved them on high for 4 sec and BOOM they were as if they had just come out of the oven. My favorite is Mango. Just shut up and give them your money! now!

Posted 22nd Jan 2018 by McKoi

This is the first time I ordered from Ensaymada Project. We ordered Chari's Pick online. The ease of ordering online was pretty convenient. My whole box was delivered after only a couple of days... and of course, we were excited to try all of them. It did not disappoint. First we had the ube without heating it up, it was yummy. The brioche bun was super moist and not too sweet. The toppings were just right. I wanted to heat up my next Ensaymada, but every time I couldn't help myself. I just eat it out of the fridge! And they were all sooo good. I can just imagine when it is heated up. Anyway, keep it up and more tasty Ensaymadas to come!!!

Great gift
Posted 20th Dec 2017 by Bambi

Ensaymada is delicious! And the packaging great. You won't be disappointed.

Perfect X-mas Gifts
Posted 15th Dec 2017 by Francis

Ordered around 8 boxes of the Holiday Picks, and let me tell you that the quality and presentation is SUPERB! I sent them as gifts to CA's Central Valley and SoCal businesses and the shipping was fast. Most if not all the people I gave them to said they were delicious. Most were actually eating them as part of their breakfast. LOL! Can't go wrong with these as X-mas gifts!

So delicious & gourmet!
Posted 1st Dec 2017 by MELODY

I finally got my ensaymadas today and, WOW! Superb! They are flavorful, soft, and truly addictive. Chari has mastered the art of creating delicious, gourmet ensaymadas that capture the exquisite flavors of the Philippines along with flavors with exciting variations. This will be a new family favorite!

Wonderful Customer Service and Delicious Ensaymadas
Posted 20th Sep 2017 by Michelle

Chari was incredibly helpful when our package took a detour to Utah. She was very responsive to my messages and sent us a fresh box the following week. Despite the delay, everyone loved the ensaymadas, and they were DELICIOUS! We will definitely be ordering more in the future! Thanks Chari!

Posted 24th Jul 2017 by Maria Paz

I got chari's 12 and got a variety which I liked. But I think he green tea one that I received was very salty and did not have the red bean in it. I don't know what happened to it but it definitely was not sweet. I'm afraid to try the second one. But overall, the rest was awesome!

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Holiday Picks (priced per dozen)
Holiday Picks (priced per dozen)
Holiday Picks (priced per dozen)
Holiday Picks (priced per dozen)