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HOLIDAY PICKS (priced per dozen)


Holiday Picks will have the combination of flavors that are available at the time of your order. Flavor combinations are made on a weekly rotation.  Please check click on the menu to see the updated Flavors of the Week.


Deliciously packaged
Posted 31st Mar 2017 by Lolita Mejia

I received my order pretty quickly. Of course, we couldnt wait to try them all. Little by little we consumed it and enjoyed every bite of it. Definitely will be ordering more..

beautiful and delicious
Posted 30th Mar 2017 by diane g. fremont ca

All i want to say is if you not tried it you are missing out. I love filipino desserts and pastries so once i heard about ensaymada project on instagram, i knew i had to try it ASAP. i ordered the dozen and i was able to try several flavors but what attracted me was the maple bacon and of course the ube ensaymada. they are so delicious and i cannot wait to order more. thank you Chari and keep up the wonderful work.

Posted 25th Feb 2017 by Lorraine Supnet

I gave this to my daughter for her birthday. She invited her best friends and siblings to taste the variety of flavors. Everyone was confused with their top picks---they were all yummy! They melt in your mouth. Light and not heavy! Sweetness is just perfect! I am sure more orders will be placed soon, since we had an Ensaymada Project Party :)

A Tasteful Present
Posted 16th Jan 2017 by Maria Yabes

It was such a delight to receive the elegantly packaged Ensaymada Project for the holidays and you would want to share the same tasteful present to your friends and relatives both near and far.

Posted 10th Jan 2017 by Edwin

We got to taste this Ensaymada Projuct thru a friend as pasalubong...then this past Xmas she gave us a dozen as a gift...sobrang sarap...the bread part is so soft and not too thick/rich and the toppings were sooo yummy, not too sweet...perfect ang lasa....Gone in 60 secs.., decided to order 2 dozens...it arrived on time and now it's almost gone. Set back..since I live in Florida the shipping is too costly...but I'm still going to order sometime soon.

beautiful festive colors and flavors in a box!
Posted 3rd Jan 2017 by Mayet

Just a beautiful sight that you'll want to hold on to before the smell assaults you & nags at you to take a bite!

A Promise
Posted 30th Dec 2016 by Carmen R Martin

My husband and I sent Ensaymadas to 18 households. And everyone has made us promise to send it to them every year. However, I also told them that they don't have to wait for us to send it to them at Christmas since it's so easy to order it on-line. Chari Reyes ... may you live long and prosper...you're a GENIUS...nom nom

Posted 28th Nov 2016 by Maria Rubio

all flavors are the "bomb" luv it

Posted 19th Oct 2016 by undefined

Although I ordered for friends, I have had them before and I can tell you they are wonderful to enjoy with coffee and one of the best gifts you can send to family and friends!

All of it were delicious!
Posted 29th Sep 2016 by Alona

Perfect portions and surprisingly delicious! Although, the shipping/handling fees were a bit high; I was impressed with the packaging. I can tell Chari took the time and invested in keeping the freshness. I'd get it again.

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HOLIDAY PICKS  (priced per dozen)
HOLIDAY PICKS  (priced per dozen)
HOLIDAY PICKS  (priced per dozen)
HOLIDAY PICKS  (priced per dozen)