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QDB NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube (priced per dozen)


Noche Buena is the traditional Filipino Christmas Eve feast that lasts until Christmas day.  This feast is only considered complete with ensaymadas, usually paired off with the traditional jamón.  We believe that any gathering is special enough to bring our Noche Buena Box to share and savor with family and friends, all year round!



Posted 23rd Jan 2018 by Joan

Perfect with a cup of coffee. Worth of waiting. Thank you

Posted 19th Jan 2018 by JESSELYN Q

Heavenly! I wish they would branch out in San Diego. The best enzaymadas I’ve ever tasted. My day is not complete without having to eat a piece. Thanks to a friend who introduced this product to me.

Everyone is Satisfied
Posted 28th Dec 2017 by Maia

You know it’s good when family members text THANKS and then follow up later with texts of SUPERGOOD and YUMMY and OOOHs and AAAHs and then the ultimate question, WHERE CAN I GET MORE???

Buena Noche special
Posted 8th Dec 2017 by Aida Resurreccion

I love the buena noche package. I give them my friends and family for all occasions particularly during the holidays. Great service, great product.

Posted 20th Apr 2017 by Kk

The best tasting Ensaymada.! Perfect for gifts and special occasions.!deliver the same day.. Thanks Ensaymada project.!!

Gift for Someone Difficult to Shop for!
Posted 16th Feb 2017 by PAM

For someone who has everything, "Ensaymada Project" is your answer! Great b-day gift or any occasion and celebration... you can't go wrong! It's absolutely delish and great packaging presentation!

QDB Enzay
Posted 6th Jul 2016 by Sandra

Quezo de Bola cheese flavor is a good touch to the sweet Ensaymada bread.

The Best!
Posted 26th May 2016 by Jas

This combination is perpect for us! My 2 kids loves the ube and mu husband & me loves the queso the bola flavor!.. Can't wait to get another box again...

It's so good!
Posted 8th Apr 2016 by undefined

I heat it in the microwave like what the instruction said and it just melt in my mouth! I love it! I'm glad I can order online because we don't have a store close by San Diego!

Great Gift!
Posted 6th Apr 2016 by Kaye Vasquez

Delicious! The BEST ensaymadas anywhere. The best way to say "thank you" - can't go wrong!

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QDB NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube (priced per dozen)
QDB NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube (priced per dozen)