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Queso de bola ("ball of cheese") is an aged, semi-hard cheese that hails from the Netherlands.  It is customarily grated on the Filipino ensaymada and served with slices of jamón during Noche Buena -- the traditional feast of Christmas Eve which lasts until the early hours of Christmas Day.  You can order Chari's iconic ensaymada by the dozen, all year round!

Posted 30th Jun 2020 by Cheree

one of the best ensaymadas ever!

Best Ensaymadas
Posted 21st Mar 2020 by Bernadette

I’ don’t get tired sending reviews. Same thing these Ensaymadas are the best. I used to always get them by mail but when I tried them at smorgasburg in Los Angeles I would much rather do that. But I’m glad we can get them by mail. Thanks Chari. You’re amazing just like your Ensaymadas

Best Ensaymadas in the world!
Posted 3rd Dec 2019 by Hernan Feliciano

Nuff said.

The Best Ensaymadas Ever
Posted 1st Dec 2019 by Marjorie Soriano

To be honest I never really liked the traditional ensaymadas growing up. I had the priceless of tasting the ensaymadas at the 626 night market a few years back and i was hooked.. Tita Chari has never failed to deliver the freshest ensaymadas ever. This company is always so accommodating with the shipping requests. I am a forever a customer!

Best Ensaymadas
Posted 26th Nov 2019 by M Dean

I love this ensaymada, it taste delicious!

ensaymada review
Posted 27th Nov 2018 by Noemi Santos

The best ensaymada in the universe

Posted 26th Nov 2018 by Issa

I am from Canada and I was recently visited the US so I grabbed the opportunity to order a dozen queso de bola Es and had it shipped to the hotel where I was staying at. This is my favorite ensaymada and it’s so yummy! Totally hits the spot!

Queso de Bola
Posted 28th Jul 2018 by Maricar

The best Ensaymada on the planet!

Always coming back for more
Posted 7th Jun 2018 by Tiffany

Absolutely delicious! The buttery, cheesy, and sweet flavors combined with heavenly soft texture make these a treat to be reckoned with. They're also an excellent way to treat yourself, friends, or loved ones in need of some sweet savory goodness. I'm so glad I heard about Ensaymada Project through my sister because these are one of my all time favs. My family and I keep coming back to order more! I highly recommend following the warming instructions Ensaymada Project provides because it really brings out the favor and give you a warm, melt in your mouth treat!

Every E bite feels like home BUT tastes better!!!
Posted 2nd Mar 2017 by undefined

I am sooo glad we found the Ensaymada Project! They are the best remedy for homesick as every bite literally warms up our Filipino taste palet but! after a few orders we find ourselves even liking these Es better than the orig from home. It's almost like on a different category than our normal ensaymadas (bread quality is so buttery good and topping is pinoy taste). You will definitely taste the quality ingredients used in these ensaymadas! Best when warmed 5-8 seconds on the microwave or we even grill them on panini press or anything similar! We get our instant fix at baked and order our haul online. We even send them as gifts and pasalubong when we visit family in the east coast! Chari is the best- always prompt and accurate with shipping to replying to questions. Shipping is fast to, when we order to socal it usually arrives overnight maximum 2 days!!!

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