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Queso de bola ("ball of cheese") is an aged, semi-hard cheese that hails from the Netherlands.  It is customarily grated on the Filipino ensaymada and served with slices of jamón during Noche Buena -- the traditional feast of Christmas Eve which lasts until the early hours of Christmas Day.  You can now order Chari's iconic ensaymada by the half dozen, all year round! 

Posted 22nd Apr 2019 by cristina gonzales

I am soooo crazy over your ensaymada!!! It is the best I've had so far next to my mother's.. And since my mother is now 86 years, cannot bake anymore, yours is now the best that I can have. Keep up the good work and keep the high quality

Life Changing Experience
Posted 25th Jan 2019 by Mark Guevarra

This is definitely my favorite dessert right now. I first received these last year from a friend, and when I shared these with some coworkers, they pretty much ate everything before I got to fully enjoy it, so I ordered a dozen and shipped iit just for me. I don't know if there is anything more fulfilling than these Queso de bola ensaymadas.. The cheese really adds a subtle savory taste which completes the sweetness of the cream on top of a very airy bread base. Microwaving it for 15 seconds really makes a difference, but if you microwave it too much, the cheese will quickly melt. One way to make sure you don't lose too much is by taking those quality paper based ensaymada holders and spreading it out a bit. When the cheese sinks to the bottom, you won't lose anything. It truly is an incredible dessert. This is part of my motivation to get to the gym, so I can eat more. Great work Chari and team! Expect another dozen order again soon lol...

The Best Ensaymada!!!
Posted 16th Apr 2017 by Shirley Quinto

Been following your intagram page and I finally ordered the queso de bola flavor and my oh my! I put it in the toaster for a few min till the butter and cheese melts, absolutely perfect! It stole my heart. I will surely order this again! Good Packaging as well and fast shipment, I'm impressed! Can't wait to try other flavors.

Love, love, love, Joy, joy, joy!!!!
Posted 22nd Dec 2015 by Rose from Seattle

from presentation to taste – absolutely a 10!!!

My most favorite (as of Oct 2015)
Posted 21st Oct 2015 by Rizza Gutierrez

For me, this is better than the classic ensaymada. The queso de bola is a perfect topping! I put it in the microwave longer than 10 seconds to get that melted cheese, and it's absolutely perfect. Nakakabaliw sa sarap!

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