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QUESO NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube


Noche Buena is the traditional Filipino Christmas Eve feast that lasts until Christmas day.  This feast is only considered complete with ensaymadas, usually paired off with the traditional jamón.  We believe that any gathering is special enough to bring our Noche Buena Box to share and savor with family and friends, all year round!



Didn't taste the same
Posted 16th Apr 2020 by Sandra Manzano

I ordered your Ensaymada last year after the recommendation of my friend. It was pricey but was satisfied. Just recently I ordered again and for some reason there was a change in your Ensaymada. It didn't have the same consistency and taste. If was like eating Sponge cake without the real taste of Ensaymada.. The one top with Queso de Bola was lacking the taste of the Queso de Bola. The Ube was just like sugar with Ube coloring. Overall I was disappointed as I was looking for the same quality when I first ordered it.

Forever your "suki"
Posted 15th Apr 2020 by Mary

I've been ordering from you for years, I live in Northern California and I always grab the chance if you are ever here by, Alameda County Fair or the event by Golden Gate Fields (Berkeley). Not so sure if you remember me, I'm M. Madamba's HS schoolmate. I love your ensaymadas, it's a bit more ordering online but, I have to give in to the crave. Thank you, Chari!

Online ordering process
Posted 9th Apr 2020 by Aida Resurreccion

Love, love, love your Ensaymada’s, particularly the Ube. My difficulty is in navigating the online ordering process. For myself, I only like the Ube, and I can’t find the prompts to order just that flavor. . For my friends and family, they like all of your flavors, so no problem choosing Chari’s picks.

QDB NOCHE BUENA BOX:(Queso de Bola & Ube)
Posted 26th Apr 2019 by Marie L.

We enjoyed this combo so much that I'd hesitate to stray and try others. The queso and ube flavors are delightful. I particularly liked the sweet and savory taste of the QDB; kids preferred the ube. The Es are soft/fluffy. They can also be frozen to preserve freshness - just a few seconds in the microwave - comes out just as good. I only ordered because of the Easter discount code and am glad I did. Thanks, Chari!

Thanks Ensaymada Project
Posted 17th Apr 2019 by Janice Mejia

Both cheese and ube Ensaymadas taste so good. I ordered another batch and different flavors. Can’t wait to try other flavors

The Best Ensaymada!
Posted 1st Apr 2019 by Dwan

Never fails! Very tasty!

Posted 6th Mar 2019 by Marissa Rivera

Never fails. Always a crowd pleaser.

Noche Buena Box
Posted 5th Mar 2019 by C Dumancas

Will reorder!

Ube & queso de bola
Posted 23rd Feb 2019 by AU

Perfect combination, I would love

Mixed Feelings
Posted 21st Jun 2018 by Erlene

We LOVE the Ube and the classic cheese, but we didn't care for the Queso de Bola ensaymadas. For us it was a little too salty and cheesy (and we like cheese). Not our favorite ensaymada topping but the bread is still awesome.

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Depth 3.00
QUESO NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube
QUESO NOCHE BUENA BOX: 6 Queso de Bola, 6 Ube