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The Classic Noche Buena Box: 6 Classic Cheese and 6 Ube (priced per dozen)


Noche Buena is the traditional Filipino Christmas Eve feast that lasts until Christmas day.  This feast is only considered complete with ensaymadas usually paired off with the traditional jamón.  We believe that any gathering of family and friends is special enough to bring a Noche Buena box to anytime of the year!

Posted 18th Jan 2017 by undefined

Delicious dessert for our Christmas celebration! Delivery was fast and the ensaymadas were very tasty and moist. Will be ordering again in the future.

Filipino Christmas tradition
Posted 21st Dec 2016 by Ferdinand Velasco

Our family enjoys Filipino Christmas traditions, especially the culinary ones. The delicious Classic Noche Buena Box from Ensaymada Project is a convenient and delightful way that we can do that here in Texas!

the best ensaymada ever :)
Posted 29th Oct 2016 by undefined

not too sweet, fast delivery, best ensayamda, cant wait to try the other flavors :)

Silky and Moist
Posted 29th Jul 2016 by Agnes Manlangit

Praises are what i got when i shared my orders with my friends from San Jose, CA, Canada and Georgia!! The dough is silky and moist.. and fine! I love the sight of the melted cheese after shortly heating a classic ensaymada! Far cry from the commercially sold ones. Keep the quality!

Posted 6th Jul 2016 by Sandra

Ube Ensaymada is good and a change to the regular Ensaymada. It melts in your mouth after warming it even if it has been refrigerated/frozen

Feedback from my Mom...
Posted 11th May 2016 by Jeannette Bailey

The package came soon as expected w/c is good. The presentation was very impressive. Mother's comment with the ensayamada was dry :(

The best enseymada
Posted 23rd Apr 2016 by undefined

The quality of the bread is really good, moist and not sweet matching the sweet topping. The best I had so far

Posted 31st Mar 2016 by Rosemarie

My family loved it!

Great taste great quality!
Posted 30th Mar 2016 by Liza

I heard about Ensaymada project thru Instagram and ordered them ..oh boy these babies didn't disappoint ! Forget about the commercial taste of red ribbon and goldilocks.. These ensaymadas should be the ones you're buying .. Soft fluffy and delicious ones !!

Best Ensaymada!!
Posted 28th Dec 2015 by Anna Abalo

Thank you, Chari -- it is light, and airy, with just the right sweetness, as it is called a sweet bread- the Ensaimada! The different varieties are a nice touch for the holidays-- my kids love the nutella, Ube, and queso de bola!! I especially love the queso de bola, and an occasional ube!! I know the long process of making Ensaimadas- the delicate dough is made then allowed to rise and then rise again, My mom used to bake some - when the Nanny of my sister was still with us-- I know this, that's why I go to Chari's website and order online. I cannot bake them myself! I received them in no time at all, packaged beautifully!!! This Christmas season, i sent Ensaimadas to my close family and friends for Food gifts. They all loved it, saying it is perfect with coffee!! -- Thanks again, Chari!!

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The Classic Noche Buena Box:  6 Classic Cheese and 6 Ube  (priced per dozen)
The Classic Noche Buena Box:  6 Classic Cheese and 6 Ube  (priced per dozen)
The Classic Noche Buena Box:  6 Classic Cheese and 6 Ube  (priced per dozen)
The Classic Noche Buena Box:  6 Classic Cheese and 6 Ube  (priced per dozen)