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TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO


Good things do come in ThreeEs!    


A buttery ensaymada topped with mango butter cream brings this succulent, sweet and tangy fruit from the Philippine tropics straight to your table.   As the Philippines’ most popular fruit, the mango brings back our childhood memories of picking them straight from our backyard.  Enjoy and share a taste of this delicious fruit that reminds us of home.  


The classic cheese ensaymada dates back to an era of three centuries of Spanish rule.  With Spanish recipes handed down and altered through generations, the Filipino ensaymada has evolved into a buttery brioche-like bun, topped with butter, sugar and grated queso de bola (aged edam cheese).  Enjoy the cheese ensaymada, just as how our grandmothers used to make them.


 Ube – a tropical purple yam – has a unique flavor that goes hand in hand with its distinct purple color.   Ube is a very popular flavor in the Philippines that is used in pastries, cakes, and ice cream.   The Ube ensaymada boasts of a rich ube cream topping that melts into the heated brioche.  Get ready to join the family of ube lovers!


Ube Mango & Cheese
Posted 18th Jul 2020 by Cecile

All amazing flavors but ube is the best! The quality and freshness of these enseymadas are incredible! As much as I love the products, they shall remain as infrequent “treats” for us due to pricing - a bit on the steep side.

Golden Anniversary Gift
Posted 6th Jul 2020 by Melissa

I sent this to my aunt and uncle (my mom's brother) for their golden anniversary. They were so happy and hadn't had ensaymada for many years. They mentioned this to my other aunt (mom's sister) and she was a little jealous, so I sent her a box too! I have ordered these as gifts for several people. Beautifully wrapped and prepared.

Craving satisfied
Posted 5th Jul 2020 by Rox o

I love love love ensaymadaproject Found out and met the owner when I went to the weekly smorgasburg in downtown LA I call her tita which means auntie in Tagalog. My top fave flavors is cheese classic and maple bacon . When I found out that they can Deliver Now I got so so excited. You can’t go wrong with project ensaymada get yours now .

Posted 25th Jun 2020 by Dennis

Had these shipped to my house. Nicely boxed and super fresh! Taste amazing, will order again

Trilogy worth a trip!
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Anna

I bought this for my Aunt Carol who lives out in Dekalb, Illinois. It was just the best thing to send to an older relative who can't quite venture out into the world due to Covid. She said it was just delicious, so delicious she had to share it with her housekeeper and adoptive Pinoy nieces in her neighborhood. I will post pictures of the happy recipients of the delicious selection. I'll definitely be ordering again soon. :)

Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Kryzelle cortes

First time to try this. It was good but I felt that the toppings tasted like icing. You could see the the layer of sugar on the ube which kind of put me off. The mango was good but i have had better tasting mango ensaymada. Cheese was pretty good. Overall good product but it is pretty expensive for what it is.

TRIO is like I ❤️U
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Maila Contreras


Trilogy Box
Posted 23rd Jun 2020 by Lizamae

I sent my dad a box for Fathers Day, and he loved it! He said it was better than anything he’s ever had back home. The shipping for this product was quick, and the little handwritten note completed the package.

purchased as a gift
Posted 21st Jun 2020 by melly

i bought these as a father’s day gift. i knew that if my dad didn’t like them, my mom and brother would enjoy them. when my dad opened the box, i asked if he liked ensaymada, to which he responded, “no. not really.” but lo and behold, after trying the ube, mango, and cheese ensaymada, he had a change of heart. he loved them!!

Yummy goodness!
Posted 6th Jun 2020 by Giselle

Saw this post of one of the groups i follow in FB and reviews were great so i tried. I got the trilogy - cheese, ube and mango as those were the traditional flavors to go by which was fantastic! Maybe next time i will try other variety of flavors and maybe if they have those with fillings will be more delicious ! I also noticed on the online order , you cant choose what flavors you want. But some told me you can. I hope to be able to choose next time i order... looking forward for the next delivery! Thank you much!

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TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO
TrilogyTWO - Cheese, Ube, MANGO